Century of Service

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  • 8.5" x 11" 120 pages
  • An illustrated history of The American Legion. This centennial bookazine celebrates The American Legion as it enters its second century. Dozens of never-before-published photographs take readers on a colorful 120-page journey filled with voices, images and reflections on what would become the nationís largest and most influential veterans service organization. It stands as a mere glimpse into all The American Legion has accomplished since March 15-17, 1919.
  • Chapters include:
    • 100 Years of The American Legion
    • Why I Back The Legion (by Theodore Roosevelt Jr., 1919)
    • Evolution of the Cap
    • Peace Through Strength (national security)
    • The Legion in Pop Culture (music, movies, and more)
    • To Care for Veterans (health care, benefits, opportunity)
    • Legionnaires in Chief (Presidents who have worn the cap)
    • When Disaster Strikes (putting military training and skills to use during catastrophes)
    • Named for the Legion (highways, bridges, ships, and parks)
    • 100 Percent Americanism
    • American Legion Baseball
    • Children and Youth
    • The Legion Family (Auxiliary, Sons, and Riders)
    • National Conventions
    • Honor and Remembrance
    • Reflections (why today's veterans support the Legion)
  • Also available: Indivisible: The Story of Our Flag or combo of both