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Flag Rewards


Sponsor Solicitation Materials

What are Flag Rewards?

Your Post can receive a 10¢ credit for each dollar spent on the purchase of American Flags from Emblem Sales. This includes purchases made by your Post, as well as by members, friends, neighbors, schools & businesses that choose to “sponsor” your Post, and buy their flags from The American Legion.

How are Flag Rewards earned?

Your Post will earn 1 Point (worth 10¢) for every dollar your Post or your Sponsors spend on American Flags from Emblem Sales (excluding taxes & shipping).


Dollars Spent on American Flags Points Earned Reward Dollars Earned
$20 20 $2
$100 100 $10
$1000 1000 $100

What can a Post purchase with its Points?

Anything available from Emblem Sales (awards, uniforms, shirts, caps, pins, coins, patches, flags, baseballs, etc).

What options does my Post have for earning Points?

  1. Ask. Ask potential Sponsors to purchase their flags from American Legion Emblem Sales.
  2. Buy & re-sell. Your Post can buy flags, and re-sell to Sponsors.

What is a “Sponsor?”

Anyone who chooses to have their American Flag purchases benefit your Post.

How will Sponsors’ purchases from Emblem Sales be credited to my Post?

If a Sponsor purchases an American Flag from Emblem Sales, they will need to request that their purchase benefit their local Post, and indicate the Post #.

Does a Sponsor need to request a Post sponsorship each time they purchase from Emblem Sales?

No. Once a sponsor chooses a local Post, all future purchases will automatically benefit the Post.

Can a Sponsor change the Post they are sponsoring?

Yes. The Sponsor can contact Emblem Sales, and request a change at any time.

How do Sponsors benefit?

They will be proud to know that their American Flag purchases are helping local veterans serve their communities. They can take advantage of Emblem Sales’ low flag prices, great quality, and made-in-the-USA flags.

How can my Post enroll in the Flag Rewards Program, and start earning Points?

Your Post Adjutant must fill out an enrollment form [PDF] and mail or fax it to Emblem Sales or complete the form online.

When can my Post use its Points?

Points earned for the calendar year will be credited to your Post account once a year, by February 1 of the following year (example: 2011 points earned will be available on Feb. 1, 2012), and may then be used on any future transactions.

When do Points expire?

Your Post will have 11 months (Feb. 1 to Dec. 31) to spend its Points, which expire on Dec. 31 each year.

Who can make a purchase using Points?

Only your Post Adjutant (or his designated representative) can make purchases using Points.

How are purchases using Points regulated?

Your Post Adjutant will supply Emblem Sales with an e-mail addresses & password. Purchases via Emblem Sales’ web site must use the designated e-mail address & password to gain access to the Points. Purchases via phone or mail must supply the designated e-mail address & password to gain access to the Points.

What if we lose our e-mail address or password, or want to change it?

Your Post Adjutant must fill out a new enrollment form [PDF] and mail or fax it to Emblem Sales. The Post Adjutant can also log in to his existing account to update the password.

How will I know how many Points my Post has available to spend?

The Post Adjutant may call Emblem Sales, or log in to emblem.legion.org. An e-mail address & password must be provided to gain access to the Points balance.

Can I find out how my Post’s Points were earned?

Yes. An annual statement showing all American Flag purchases will be e-mailed to the Adjutant of each participating Post by March 1 of the following year (example: Statements showing 2011 purchases will be e-mailed by March 1, 2012).

Can I find out how my Post’s Points were spent?

Yes. Upon request, a report can be e-mailed to the Post Adjutant’s designated e-mail address showing all Points used.

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