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Please note that re-formatting a USB drive will erase its contents.


If you run into problems printing clip art or certificates, make sure you're using the most current version of your printer's driver. You can visit your printer manufacturer's web site and search for "drivers" or "printer drivers." Here's are some common printer manufacturers:


You can download Adobe Reader for free to view and print PDFs.

If you've already downloaded Reader or Acrobat and are running into problems viewing or printing PDFs, make sure you're using the most current update. Adobe releases free security updates quarterly. The updates often include improvements to common problems. You can follow these instructions to download the latest free update:

  1. Open Reader or Acrobat.
  2. On the menu bar, click Help > Check For Updates. If a new update is available, it will install automatically.
  3. Once its installed, restart your computer.
  4. View or print the PDF again.

Printing a PDF as an Image

If you continue having trouble printing a PDF, try printing it as an image:

  1. Make sure your printer is on and connected.
  2. On the menu bar, click File > Print, then click Advanced.
  3. Select Print as Image.
  4. Click OK.

You can find more detailed instructions on the Adobe web site.


Most operating systems include a default program for viewing common image file types, such as .jpg and .gif. Keep in mind that you may need a more advanced program to open .eps or .tiff image files.

Note About Older Operating Systems

Please keep in mind that some older operating systems, such as Windows 7, may not open newer USB flash drives.


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