How Long Will My Flag Last?

Our flags meet or exceed the federal standard of 90 days of use (sunrise to sunset, with protection during inclement weather).

For the best results, do not expose your flag to rain, snow, or abnormally high winds, as these elements can shorten your flag’s life considerably.

Avoid flying your flag when it is wet. Flying a heavy, wet flag in the wind puts excessive strain on the fabric and stitching, and will greatly reduce the life of your flag. Should the flag become wet, spread it out and allow it to dry completely.

Regardless of how well it is constructed, a flag is not indestructible. Since they are made from fabric and subjected to the elements, all flags will wear out sooner or later. Reasonably good care of your flag can contribute greatly to give it a longer life.

Choose a Fabric That Will Suit Your Needs

Nylon outdoor flags have brilliant color, are lightweight, quick-drying, and will fly with the slightest breeze. Our most popular flags, they are durable and resist stretching.

Poly outdoor flags are engineered for industrial, commercial, or institutional use. Our toughest, strongest, and longest-lasting flags, they are ideal where high winds or stressful conditions exist.

Cotton outdoor flags are colorfast to sun and rain and exceed government strength standards. They're best for short-term outdoor display or indoor use and are perfect for special events.